What is Time for Print? Why do photographers offer Time for Print to models?

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Models have you heard of Time for Print? If you are a new model or you are just starting out and you haven't heard of Time for Print then you are missing on something great, something that can be very useful to you.
So what exactly is Time for Print? Often referred to as 'TFP', or also called Trade for Print, Test for Print, Time for Pics, Time for Photos, 'Time for Print' is an arrangement between a model and a photographer. Model gives his or her time and in return gets prints from the photographer. So what the model is actually offering is time instead of actual payment.
Time for Print is great for new photographers too. A photographer starting out to build up her portfolio might like an opportunity to get some experience instead of receiving payment. If both model and photographer are starting out their respective careers, it's win-win for both.

Here's one of my pictures from a TFP session with a young aspiring photographer Ellie Talks in Birmingham, UK.


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