What is fan fiction? Why is there a dearth of fan fictions in Indian literature?

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Fan fiction has been a decades old tradition in English literature, particularly in British and American literature. After the arrival of the Internet, it has gained a lot more strength and popularity. But sadly this tradition or any serious effort to create this tradition is not seen in Indian literature. What is fan fiction? fan fiction is fiction written by someone else on characters or settings from a popular novel or story. Fan fiction is not written by the creator of the original work, it's written by the readers and fans of the original work. They pick up the character of any popular novel and write their own story using them. Or they create a new story by adding some of their own characters in the setting of the original novel. The new story doesn't need to be told within the canonical universe of the original story. It may exist outside of it.
But before writing the Fan Fiction, one must check that the original novel and its character are in the public domain, otherwise it may be an infringement on the copyright of the original author. Best is to take permission from the author and the publisher.

Being an author of three popular books I have an offer to make to you. If you are an aspiring writer and are serious to make an identity as an internet writer, then you can attempt to write fan fiction on my popular historical fiction 'The Dawn at Dusk'. Post it in the Aadhaar forum, post it in your blog and in social media. Get in touch with me, give me a buzz and if I like your plot then I would help and guide you. Let your creative juices flow, write a fan fiction.

Sandeep Nayyar.


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