Ultimate Guide on Aadhaar Card Printing Only @Identity Forum

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Real life situations require "Aadhaar Card in Your Hand" either Original sent by UIDAI through India Post or Duplicate Print from Online eAadhaar Portal.

The joy of having your own Aadhaar card in coloured printing is unimaginable when your local postman hand it over at your door step. You wait for months, in many cases for years too to get the fascinating card with flying colours of Aadhaar logo and your own picture on it.

You seldom need to carry your Aadhaar card with you. There are situations when you have to go with eaadhaar / duplicate card downloaded as print out from official UIDAI portal website.

The Aadhaar card printing is inevitable, you have to do once or several times in your life. Let's examine the complete picture in comprehensive details.


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