UID Enrollment

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UID State Bank : Aadhaar Central Bank

Raipur State Bank of India and Central Bank of India providing the UID Enrollment Forms and Registration Forms for Aadhaar Card the rock solid Unique Identification Antique Number of 12 Digits.

I just take the UID Enrollment Form from the Central Bank of India Civil Lines Branch at Raipur and i got the information about that the SBI and CBI providing the UID Enrollment Forms in their branches.

UID Enrollment Agency : Alankit Assignments Limited

The Leading Enrollment Agency of Unique Identification Authority of India the Alankit Assignments Limited holds the second position in the Enrollment Agencies Performance Merit List. Alankit Assignments Limited is the official & registered Enrollment Agency of UIDAI the Indian Authority.

Aadhaar Enrolment Progress in Agencies : Twenty Three Lakhs UID Enrollment Process done by the Alankit Assignments Limited and will soon crosses the 25 Lacs UID Aadhaar Enrollment Process.

The 23 Lacs Indians done the Aadhaar Enrollment Process through the Alankit Assignments Limited.

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