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Non-receipt of Aadhar Cards - VVS Gupta

Dear Sir / Madam
My family has enrolled with Aadhar Card Issuance on dated-31.07.2011, (includes of my wife and daughter & son - 4 Members)
Enrollment Receipt # 21589000ALO0366
1. vakacharla venkata srinivasa gupta - enrolment # 1111/15121/09765
2. vakacharla seshaparvathi- enrolment # 1111/15121/09766
1. vakacharla apoorva- enrolment # 1111/15121/09767
1. vakacharla anoop gupta - enrolment # 1111/15121/09768

So far, we have not received cards...
Please let us know the status on this.


Submitted by V V S Gupta

HDFC Bank Aadhaar

Information about HDFC Bank services are offered to resident Indians, NRI's, and companies in very lavish matters which is good example of corporate banking to common man also.

HDFC Bank Aadhaar and the related Links to its subsidiary companies are very much matter of speculation.

HDFC Bank Aadhaar Number Card to provide entry to pro poor designed schemes entry to lavish bank is quite a metter of curiosity.

HDFC Bank Aadhaar Project is most welcome move.

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