Welfare Process

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Financial Exclusion and Inclusion and Access and So On...

India has been transforming in the economic and it structural growth from the last two decades, as well. If concerned with the regulatory policy so, India has increased its market value as well as makes it regulatory policy more stabile and healthy too. Indian economy develop more new ways that enable to the higher the growth rate as well as reduce the level of empowerment also. In India, the economy has a little contribution from poor, in a sense that the access to the financial resources get decline due to the low access at the banking sector from poorest resident of the Indian States.

Sanjivani-- India should know about

Sanjivani Express – A pied piper in the lives of needy people

A beautiful concept called Sanjivani, is aimed at saving precious lives of those people who are not able to reach hospital in time. I call it Pied Piper because the way Pied Piper used to transform people’s lives, same way Sanjivani Express is helpful in changing fates of needy people who have lost all hopes.

108, the magic number is key to happiness, to life, to hope. It has brought smiles on crying faces. Sanjivani Express is reachable by this number and angels come into play once this number rings.

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