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Chances of biometric authentication failure

With the ever advancement in Technology, the issue of security is always a concern and a sensitive matter that must be taken care of appropriately. Since there are very many crimes such as identity theft in modern world, better security solutions are being demanded to cope with these high tech crimes. One of the methods that are widely used in regard to this is biometric methods that use biological measurements to help in identification and authentication of individuals.

Let’s discuss methods of Biometric Authentication: The Best, Pros and Cons

Actually, achieving complete secure authentication with biometric authentication is not really possible. This is because there is not a single method of biometric authentication that appears to be the best as far as gathering and reading personal data using this system is concerned. Although all the biometric methods have something good about each of them, the methods also have their setbacks. Some of the biometric methods have less invasion, others require no prior knowledge of the person concerned while faking data for others is rather difficult.

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