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Vallabhi wants Aadhaar Card ??? - Social Inclusion in Aadhaar Card Enrollment Phase II

As Aadhaar Card enrollment is to start again in second phase of its progress, a very common problem but of great value shall emerge even as some old ones remain. UIAID has declared the vision of Social Inclusion this time.

A lot more attentions on implementing agencies shall be under scrutiny as and how they reach the set of components of social inclusion like, to the homeless, to the persons of very low value in society or socially excluded population.

Cancel the entries please - don't need aadhaar presently

The entire post can also be viewed along with images at

Aadhaar camp came to my Block C2B of Janak Puri, Delhi - 110058. This is under the UIDAI Scheme. My goodness, I don't look like what they depict me as in the Acknowledgement Slip. I look better. Ahem. The photo looks morphed. It's photomontage.
I've written to "help at uidai dot gov dot in"
The following is the text:

Re: Acknowledgement Copy Enrolment No.: 1211/66075/00678 Date: 29/09/2011 16:50:06
Dear Sir / Madam,

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