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Children Only Aadhaar Card Center

I was just thinking of Aadhaar Centers which exclusively reserved for childrens only, afterall kids are tough once to sit eyes focused on iris scanner.

There are long queues in Aadhaar Centers and naturally childrens specially little kids cannot afford long queues and tough waiting time, just for the shack off getting a number only minus no toys, no gifts and only hassals and panic.

So how is idea of Children only Aadhaar center.

So Kids Registration center are really genuine need maybe working at some Aadhaar Camps, anyone know of kids please share.

Kids Medical Id Database and Child Health Record

First of all what is the inspiration behind the most burning patient aid issue, the timely medical help thumping my mind, it is highly appreciable and very emotional article Sanjivani by Abhiprati posted here, just read it and get emotional that’s all?

No way, It is request to every one come forward to raise awareness for medical help in time. Just look around, there are stories of people dying due to late hospital admission for various reason or lack of first aid. It is very ironical in modern time of high information awareness such fatalities occur.

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