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Get your permanent aadhaar service @Mall Road Almora

The hill city has prominent tourist attraction traditionally called mall road providing the best look of town and now it has the permanent aadhaar centre for identity need too.

You can reach Aadhaar office at the mall road in Almora housed in Ranjana building.

The Almora permanent aadhaar center is just near Punjab National Bank, Mall Road, Almora Branch.

The area near by include Sarso, Bakh, Saikura,Palna, Sela, Guna, Syali, Farka, Bhalar, Badi, Balta, Kuchar, Murad etc. the citizen of Almora can take benefit of Mall Raod Aadhar Center.

Bhikiya Sain Aadhaar Permanent Center Almora

Surrounded by Titoli Nail, Khalta, Kathuli, Khuna, Tana, Baina, Naiti, Bhine, Sarpat, Sorei, Salauni etc. Permanent Aadhaar Kendra is located at village and post office Bhikia Sain or Bhikysain or Bhikiyasan.

The aadhar card sthai kendra is unique with Ramganga and Gagas river circling around Sourav Eng. on Main road of Bhadiyli.

Jainal Dotiyal road, Simar road, Bhikiyasan road and Ramnagar road moves around the the Almora aadhar centre permanently serving the hill city of Uttarakhand.

Patti Salam Talla Bachkanday, Syunani Aadhaar Center in Almora

Are you looking for Permanent Aadhaar Kendra in Janti / Almora?

Simply look for aadhar card center run by Kailash Fartiyal S/o Trilok singh for your official identity document need near Syunani PO.

Bach Kande village in Jainti or Jayanti tehsil has the permanent aadhaar center serving the adjoining Patti Malla salam which falls under Anuli post office.

The locality nearby are Chupra, Jainti Sunari, Gagar Village, That, Dayal, Dol etc on link road Almora.

Ganai Ghaura Choura Almora Aadhaar Center

The urban area of Almora has permanent aadhar center in nearby villages served by E- Uttra Jan Sewa Kendra.

The resident of Akheti, Chaukhutia, Dhdhalia Bisht, Fulai, Chandikhet, Jhallan gaon and Sungarih in Ganai post office area and nearby locality can have aadhaar permanent service.

The Ganai Ghaura Choura Almora Aadhaar Center is located on Ramganga river Almora.

Village Gawelchora and Ganni post office area permanent aadhar centre is suitable for the resident of Almora living in the locality with water supply unit and pump in Chaukhutiya.

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