Aadhaar registration

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The starting point of Unique Identity

UID registration facts

Some important facts to know about Unique Identification Number:

Aadhaar is the brand name of the project under which Unique Identification Number is being allotted to every willing Indian resident.

It is possible to register for Addhaar anywhere in India. There is no last date for registration.

Aadhaar registration is not mandatory. Anybody who is in need of an Identity confirming document can register for Aadhaar.

Please register only once

Aadhaar registration is unique in the sense that its registration is a centralized process. All enrolment agencies allot unique registration number to applicants. The data collected by enrolment agencies is centrally deposited in CIDR. This data collection at CIDR is an offline process. The data collected from enrolment agencies is transferred through pen drives etc to CIDR where data of all applicants is centrally stored.

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