Aadhaar Card Enrollment

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The first step to get Aadhaar Number and Card in your hand

Ahmedabad aadhaar enrolment agency details needed for getting the card

Resident Guj capital need aadhaar card, at present in Ahmedabad, the former capital

Help to locate enrolment camp in Ahmedabad city, i have read the news about launch but not know the aadhaar center

I want card for my whole family including new born baby, but will they register baby in Aaadhaar data,

I think better get aadhaar birth certificate and avoid old fashion.

Recovered Unique Identity after filing Right to Information application with UIDAI

Fr Richard Rego , who is resident of Mangalore, did not receive his Aadhaar card in more than four months after he enrolled himself in the city authorized center.

Then he decided to submit an RTI application to UIDAI to check the status of his Aadhaar Card. Fr Richard enrolled for Aadhaar card on August 26, 2011 but wait was very long for the card.

In reply to his RTI application, he was intimated that his documents are lost in transit by the transferring agency and he was asked by UIDAI to re-enroll himself in Second Phase of Registration.

Be Ready with Documents in On Line and / or Physical Enrollment - Aadhaar Card Registration Process

Be it physical registration or Online Enrollment of Aadhaar Card , residents have to be prepared with asset of documents which are necessary supporting documents. These details are filled in at the time of enrollment when on line facility is availed but at the same time residents have to approach for eye iris and finger print scanning at the authorized center.

On physical enrollment process, all the required documents are submitted in copies duly verified with the original documents. These physical copies are stored for verification by the authorized agent.

Aadhaar Card Enrollment - Fraud and Irregularities Identified by Police and UIDAI, Rajya Sabha Information

Non compliance of prescribed rules by some of the Aadhaar Card Enrollment agencies are being suspended by The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It is temporary suspension of the operatioin till these agencies satisfy UIDAI with the proper correction. Such reply was informed by minister of state for planning Ashwani Kumar in Rajya Sabha.


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