A reader of Dark Night has written a fan fiction

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I had offered and urged the readers of my erotic romance Dark Night to write fan fictions on it. Now a reader Ratnakar Mishra has sent this fan fiction story on Dark Night. This is part 1 of a series of stories he is intending to write. Have a read. And watch this space on the Aadhaar Forum for more stories in the series.


The novel based fan fiction as Hindi web series is welcome which is very encouraging move in Indian language writing scene. Hindi writers must come out in mass luring or inspiring fans to write which is not difficult. Online world is teaching creativity in different form including regular texts creation. Authors initiating Fan Fiction Movement is need of current time.

Ratnakar Mishra is regular writer in Hindi topics varying from move news to serious short stuffs. Corporate Kabootar based witty nitty type shout out is really charming. Aadhaar forum now has good readership on life topics involving masses. Youth or any one willing can join the wagon, just read a piece, your grasping power must yield some unique points to be shared with world in many shapes.

You can read n keep watch on Ratnakar Mishra via above link.


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