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AADHAAR project opposition and criticism

Every new innovative move is seen with suspicion and criticism in view of result and performance and India's Aadhar is no exception. As with any innovation, especially a technological advancement funded by the government, the opposition is an obvious phenomena.

The AADHAAR project has also faced its share of opposition and criticism. Book are written and Aadhaar articles in blogs are posted regularly to oppose.

The most vocal of these critics is Sri. Jijeesh P.B. who is part of the executive team for Green People, which is a social environmental organization.

Happy Birthday UID Project

Hi Bloggers,

Best Wishes on Anniversary Day of The World's Mega Project UID Number General for All, Indians and anyone living in India.

UIDAI the Unique Identification Authority of India, today is the first anniversary of this authority which heads UID Aadhaar Project.

Today on October 20, 2011 i am wishing a back date event, the Aadhaar launch was on 29th Septmeber 2010 so officially marked as UID Authority First Birthday is 29th Septmeber 2011.

So Identification is one year old, the Indian Authority has generated a lot of interest amongst various countries around world.

Top Volunteers of UID Project

Hello Folks,

First tell me you people have heard of Volunteer in UID ?

Yes, UID Project has Volunteer Option and it is charming top career celebrities so volunteering UID Number is the India's Latest inspiring phenomena.

I am just telling a single name - Praveen Chakravarty who used to be in MD BNP Paribas.

So, UID project Volunteer name list has top persona Praveen Chakravarty...

For those who don't know BNP Paribas, I am just telling what quiting managing director job of BNP Paribas means.

How UID Actually Started ?

Today we are familiar with Brand Name "AADHAAR" and many of you have gone through the news about rebranding of Unique Identity Project to Aadhaar Project, But what is the exact starting point ?

So, let us go through UID Project History...

In primary Search, what I discovered, the oldest piece of Information related to UID is a meeting of EGOM Empowered Group of Ministers -chaired by Mr. Pranab Mukherji, the Minister of External Affairs Government of India, So you can say Pranab Da is Mukhiya of UID Initiation Team.


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