Positive Concept: Aadhaar Research is more beneficial to society, A message to UID Card opposing fraternity and citizens in general

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Why everyone thinks aadhaar is government project? From government’s job to public domain collaborative research working is essential for sustained, robust and always evolving aadhaar identity system. Aahdaar is excellent example of identifying the identity. Aadhaar Research is public’s job.

Let us explore the Aadhaar Research World as food for thought in people’s mind! Have you ever noticed that aadhaar universe, nation aadhaar, aadhaar state, aadhaar region, aadhaar districts and blocks are already established in virtual domain?

At what state is aadhaar research currently existing? Is existence of aadhaar research exist?

Just for discussion Aadhaar service provider like CSC and Online India may be useful as research base.


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