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Digital India Now offers Online Driving License but just like aadhar card you need to actually go through real time driving test to prove your skill to drive a vehicle for which you requires it. You have option to get multiple vehicles driving license too.

What you call it driver's license or driver licence or driving licence but i need it to get in Internet? What is link between uid card and driver card license? Vehicle identity card also available to make? This is an old question originally asked but at that time in year 2012 the online license were not available but 2017 has online driver's certification application process available now.

Online Driving Licence procedure requires five stages for registration submission which successfully need to be completed for issuance of particular vehicle permit to drive on Indian roads.

1. The first step is filling of online applicant with requisite details at official Sarthi website run by government

2. Filling online details must be supported by genuine supporting documents upload for verification

3. If your state need photo and signature you have to upload with above documents

4. The most crucial step Driving License Test Slot Online Booking, You can also do it by contacting local transport office.

5. Now comes the monetary part required Fee Payment which also is allowed online digital cashless payment.

6. Wait to get your driving licence by India Post at your home address.

Here the brief and online outline is given, please someone post more elaborative online driving license how to.



Maha online driving license

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pan card and driving lisence

Videography of DL Test?

How about the driver's test fully videographed for evaluation, it will avoid fraud and quality drivers only on road, less accident. I personally know many drivers who have transport department issues licence but don't even know the basic sign systems and signal information.

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