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online registration for aadhaar

It is possible to register online for getting aadhaar number. AAdhaar is the 12-digit unique identification number allotted to every willing citizen of India. People find it difficult to locate enrolment agency near to their place. It is worth noting that aadhaar enrolment is possible online also. The link is This site encourages online registration for aadhaar number. Aadhaar will be reaching applicants in the form of a number displayed in a communication letter.

Can anybody give me a link to submit online registration for AADHAR CARD

Dear Sir,

Unable to find good place to go for the enrollment via an online facility

Can anybody give me a link?

I want to submit the online registration / enrollment for Aadhar card through some reliable and genuine website

After all it is my identity that matters most to me,

Will it be sufficient to put all details? How will i submit my biometrics?

I have heard that fingermark print and iris is stored with aadar

if you have any reference then please let me know on

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