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Aadhaar Number need Authentication – Basic Understanding in Aadhar Card Usage

The Unique Identification (Aadhaar) Number, give authorized tool ar document to carry his identity as resident of India and at times may produce its legal identity to public and private agencies across the country.

Population have seen so many numbers in various cards meant for different purpose, but The Unique Identification (Aadhaar) Number shall remain one point solution to usage at various point. Population should know the three very common but very important attributes as Primary, Unique and Global.

1947 - A New Meaning To It

Now we can dial 1947 from any mobile, landline number and get our Aadhaar status.
Aadhaars will reach our mailing address is 60-90 days from the day of enrolment. Still, we information-savvy people would like to know where our applications are floating. Isn’t it?

Well, UIDAI has set up various media for us to enquire about the status.

On phone: 1800-180-1947 a toll free number set up to entertain any possible query under the sun about UID Aadhaar card

Fax no: 080-23531947

Letter: PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore – 560001


Posting for the father name correction in biometric aadhar card


my name is Kartika Bhalla d/o sh.Manoj Bhalla . I have enrolment No.1050/30075/05844 dt.27/08/11 time 03.55.28 pm ,in process of my uidai firstly computer opreator Sr.Charanjeet Singh was entered my Father Name wrongly Manjoj bhalla . i was goes for right to this correction but uaidi staff mis behavoured to us.So ,
please correct my father name Manoj Bhalla or Plz say me any way to change it .

Raipur UID Aadhaar

Indian Postal Department launched the UID Aadhaar Project for Unique Identification in Raipur the Capital City of Chhattisgarh the metropolitan in making and the Metro Data aka biggest and largest identification data of India in making also just launched.

The More than 100 UID Aadhaar Card Enrollment Forms filled by Raipurians in the Inauguration Day of Raipur UID Aadhaar Card, UID the Rock Solid Valid Proof of Identity and Address.

Maharashtra Aadhaar Card

Hi guys I am in look out for all purpose single solution official id card, an authentic comprehensive unique identity applicable for personal identification, how is Maharashtra Aadhaar card, its pros cons.

But being government top identity project i would certainly go for Maharashtra Aadhaar card, but till now nothing moved.

How are working on Maharashtra Aadhaar card? Its use in Maharashtra bank credit card also a concern for me.


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