Let's make the Aadhaar Blog Forum a strong identity website

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Aadhaar is an amazing project one can imagine of, but with passage of time it is facing lot of tough situations. All you know about the controversies and resistances.

Every one know the scope of Aadhaar project, even the people who oppose it, also very well understand the unique in UID project of India and still oppose it.

Aadhaar scenes are not the point of discussion at the moment. People must involve in the core process Aadhaar is the prime need of all time.

The unique identity project, which is really Aadhaar of any tech advancement in India must be backed by people of India and world.

The Aadhaar Blog Forum evolving as very strong identity website is the answer.

Are you listening to the Aadhaar call?



Whole world is making rat race for identity

Even the advertising people call it branding in local market

There no ad agencies in local Indian cities, they are branding agencies now every where

So its managed identity business

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