High-Tech Security Biometrics in Airport can make passengers' lives easier

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Frequent air travelers are well acquainted with long waits at airport security checkpoints, considered a necessary but time consuming evil. The recent advancement in high tech security and deployment of biometrics in airport is there to rescue / save airport waits.

The airports simply need to incorporate “non-stop gates” at their terminals using new technology known as biometrics which is able to big change in airport wait period.

The above mentioned technology biometrics relies on facial recognition to confirm identities of travelers. Enabling facial id check can be boon in airport security check which only requires the passenger stand in front of face camera, even there are bimetric camera coming which captures face while in movement.

Japans Narita national airport is the first to test this streamlined security feature and began its first trials on March 18th, 2013.

If all goes well Biometric technology could likely be used in airports throughout the world, revolutionizing airport security and making airline travel safer and less stressful on passengers.


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Airport is fastest way of travel most of activities based online

Biometrics good example of modern science goodies - The connected world has many benefit, just take the case of air travel and the boarding arrival facility you know by the name AirPort, the back end and most critical operations are not only high tech but online based too.

Biometrics is to help regular perfect air travel operations in airport.

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