India goes ONLINE, Rush, Ratrace, Lifestyle Whatever but Lovely way of Digital Life starting from Internet Banking, Hotel Booking, Amazon Shopping to Aadhaar, Result, Exam and Social Networking and Finally Internet Career

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Enlist n Examine Indian Online to Online India giving insight for significant career tips, exposing, revealing n highlighting Digital Lifestyle

Hightech Banks started Internet Banking followed by Government Banks leading to general knowledge question "Which is the first provider of Internet Banking?" for you to solve. Long back in year 2007 one friend of mine pushed me in ICICI Internet Banking with first Credit Card of My Life. Ashok Sharma Internet has life without a bank account till the time to become card owner. Still I, Ashok Sharma Internet don't have Aadhaar Number and Card, such a weird way lifestyle for total online living person. Times keep changing, Internet denting every corner of life with ONLINE hammer and the title has everything to define the impact. India really is going ONLINE with speed of light may be higher than that.

The Ultimate Online Listing of India Services and Social Engineering is here:
1) Online Banking
2) Online Identity card
3) Online Shopping
4) Online Payment
5) Online Bill Payment
6) Online Land Ownership Information
7) Online Result
8) Online Admission
9) Online Exam
10) Online Worship
11) Online Reservation
12) Online Career

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How can earn online?

Living online requires livelihood but how can I earn sufficiently in online world?

Pardada Pardadi Educational Society averts child marriage too

Fake Aadhar card, allegedly 11 year old girl child and a superclass help n helping hand pardada pardadi educational society equal to girl child marriage situation reversed
as per news report in print media and TV channels a poor class family manage to get fake Aadhar card for their underaged daughter. elder sister is being married and to avoid extra cost the poor parents intended to also get rid of the 11 year girl child.

pardada pardadi educational society great help two girl students who provide free education and daily deposit of 10 rupees to their account for future. the helping is story further came in light stating Saving a girl child from being married at early age.
very alarming situation, is it so easy to get a fake Aadhar card, false identity, farji pehchan Patra even by poor n deprived class?
Anyways thanks god the girl was saved a tender age of 11 from child marriage activity and kudos to pardada pardadi Educational Society of Anoop Shahar Meerut which is a large scale NGO operating from capital New Delhi .

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