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Pros And Cons Of National Identities

Ever since I was young, I have been trying to find myself in the world in regards to my identity. Being a child of parents from two different countries is not easy. I always have to fit in between and at times its ‘crowded’ or the ‘space’ is too small. Basically, I felt so different; in school and among my friends. I was always the odd one out and it was so frustrating because at times they would even speak their vernacular languages and I would get left out. But after my dad talking to me about national identities and racism. I decided not to be different.

Kids Medical Id Database and Child Health Record

First of all what is the inspiration behind the most burning patient aid issue, the timely medical help thumping my mind, it is highly appreciable and very emotional article Sanjivani by Abhiprati posted here, just read it and get emotional that’s all?

No way, It is request to every one come forward to raise awareness for medical help in time. Just look around, there are stories of people dying due to late hospital admission for various reason or lack of first aid. It is very ironical in modern time of high information awareness such fatalities occur.

Card Material : Any idea on id card material making

The career in identity card making material production is my passion, want to make sort of specialist consultancy career.

Every one now know and world over people curiously looking over to UId card process in implementation stage. Some prefer from job and career angle and some just curious about mammoth size identity pool in making.

I have heard that authority dealing with India Id Card are looking for special type of card concept from public. But just heard, not sure how?

When the UID Identity Card - Major ID Card Distribution Starts in Chhattisgarh ?

The Youngest and Newest State of the Culture Rich Country India is Chhattisgarh, But the UID Card the Aadhaar Card has distributing in the major cities of Chhattisgarh includes the Capital Raipur, Bilaspur and others.

The main step for awaring the people of India about UID Unique Identification the Census was completed many days ago in all over India.

The main point of my Blog is when the Chhattisgarhians get the UID Aadhaar Card, the main metropolitan of India and very famous Hyderabad and city people got the UID Cards.

Maharashtra Aadhaar Card

Hi guys I am in look out for all purpose single solution official id card, an authentic comprehensive unique identity applicable for personal identification, how is Maharashtra Aadhaar card, its pros cons.

But being government top identity project i would certainly go for Maharashtra Aadhaar card, but till now nothing moved.

How are working on Maharashtra Aadhaar card? Its use in Maharashtra bank credit card also a concern for me.

World Automobile Day

Happy car day, happy World Automobile Day just searching for to wish WAD and landed here...

History says the car no 1 patent wheeled by Carl Benz on this 29th January 1886 and that marked World Automobile Day, well our cars have many uid in practice from begining like car automobile registration number, car card, chasis number and so on...

In USA it is alread UID for special gov security supply so uid is familiar with we automobile people and a world day for us, nice... great...

So what are you uid people are doing on World Automobile Day please comment...


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