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How to link PAN Card and Aadhaar Number? Is the step compulsory as per Apex Court directive?

First of all why any one need to link Permanent Account Number to Aadhar Number? People quoting Supreme Court of India has issued decision mandating PAN Aadhaar Link, what is reality? Every concerned citizen in context of Income Tax Return submission is asking the linking judgment in online world. Let's look the reality.

What is Supreme Justice Authority order on PAN Aadhaar Link?

How to make aadhar card without date of birth? What is Aadhaar DOB 1 January Syndrome?

Aadhaar special condition needing special procedure - Persons exists who actually don't know their own date of birth. Rural population from past days are common case of unknown DOB. Anywhere in world it can happen that birth date recording is missed. Enrolment of Aadhar card for persons without knowing their birth date is commonly encountered with registrars and they have solution to it.

ICSE DigiLocker Requires Aadhar card, How to store Your ICSE / ISC Results 2017 Online?

Today is ICSE and ISC Results 2017 D-Day, The Online Declare to take place at 3.00 PM Indian time and we are providing you to get the marks obtained successfully and store your achivements in the cyber vault. Please note its ICSE official DigiLocker needing your aadhaar card to possess it.

You must be knowing CISCE Chief Executive Gerry Arathoon who has clearly published notice saying “The DigiLocker service is free, secure and user friendly”, so guys what are you waiting for, grab your aadhar card and jump to Internet browser to possess your very one cyber room.


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