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Aadhar: History and challenges

Aadhar is the brand name of card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI).
History of Aadhar goes back to year 2009 when a need was felt to put a stop on illegal immigrants. Government of India decided to launch an agency which will hold centralised database of all the individuals of India to avoid entry of illegal migrants into Government systems like employment schemes, PDS schemes etc.Also there was need to check growing threat of terrorist attacks which were quite rampant due to fake passports and other fake identity cards.

How UID Actually Started ?

Today we are familiar with Brand Name "AADHAAR" and many of you have gone through the news about rebranding of Unique Identity Project to Aadhaar Project, But what is the exact starting point ?

So, let us go through UID Project History...

In primary Search, what I discovered, the oldest piece of Information related to UID is a meeting of EGOM Empowered Group of Ministers -chaired by Mr. Pranab Mukherji, the Minister of External Affairs Government of India, So you can say Pranab Da is Mukhiya of UID Initiation Team.

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