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Expand Aadhaar Platform Says India's Minister of Finance

I am talking of tell twister : As per FM India below list is "an illustrative list" indicating Chief Minister /s may come ahead and add more as per their choice to the Aadhaar platform pilots. The media is repeating the story in various formats, The letter to Sixteen Chief Ministers has now been issued by FM but Expenditure Secretary FMD wrote in past for cooperation in Aadhaar pilots requesting fast result. Its ok, now FM reminding to UTs and States but just look on the list which are covered for test run in remote, rural and uncovered areas. Well have a look to the list :-

AADHAAR project opposition and criticism

Every new innovative move is seen with suspicion and criticism in view of result and performance and India's Aadhar is no exception. As with any innovation, especially a technological advancement funded by the government, the opposition is an obvious phenomena.

The AADHAAR project has also faced its share of opposition and criticism. Book are written and Aadhaar articles in blogs are posted regularly to oppose.

The most vocal of these critics is Sri. Jijeesh P.B. who is part of the executive team for Green People, which is a social environmental organization.

Gadgets verifying objects supplied - Bar Code Scanning of UID

Ever since the U.S Government introduced the UID system of product and asset identification, there has been numerous productions of barcode scanners to verify UID Bar codes. UID scanners are simply verifiers used to identify the codes attached to individual products. These bar codes are different and unique to each of the items. UID scanners check the products compliance to MIL-SPEC-130 and the special programming in the programmers makes them capable of recognizing certain symbols, signs and other unique features that are made on the bar codes of the specific items.

Sarkari Naukri Salary Requires UID Card

Sarkari Naukar will get salary from the 10th Month with UID Card means Aadhaar Card the Unique Identification Card the 12 Digit Number mandatory to get salary in the Sarkari Naukri.

Government Jobs in India requires UID Aadhaar Card, there are 18 States and Maharashtra is the State after Madhya Pradesh in which the UID Card Mandatory Rule just applied only two-three days ago. Maharashtra Government Servants, Officers will get the Salary if they have the Aadhaar Card.

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