Capital Delhi Business Aadhar card Wanted and How much safe and privacy friendly?

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How can a Delhi businessman apply online for the aadhar card? Is aadhar card secure for business?

Many people are skeptical about new identity card of india. i think we may discuss the finer elements of aadhar card here.

If occupation in life is business then you to deal with various extra burdens, what is extra load coming with aadhar card?

How much safe and privacy friendly aadhar project is?


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Want to remain anonymous but they breach my privacy everywhere

Indian public private information is published like Langar at many places. come and eat whatever you like my personal details are just for you to bug me, ok it was confined to small packets and pockets. one such example is some kind of examination results.
when online announcement of result for some degree or for schooling grade came into picture they publish even in about your several details including your mobile numbers just to make an easy feast for marketing professionals and if you are bed in luck enough scammers I just at your doorstep.
why was releasing is in existence? train travel are accompanied with persons and related data published in reservation chart, come everyone and read it.
the list is very long if you come to Lifestyle services, they want even you have personal liking along with little privacy data just like anything.
when will use of it stop? When a world class Aadhar identification service with anywhere anytime authentication facility is available round the clock then why other entities allowed to take your personal data just for sake of granted?
test, degree or competitive exam requires your detailed personal information, its ok but how this practice can be stopped immediately utilising online authentication enable identity system Aadhar card.
only providing Aadhaar Card number is sufficient to prove your identity to enter in examination for securing a job or for a kid and ring in school admission or exam.

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