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AADHAAR is Best Initiative from the Government anywhere in world

One of the latest initiatives done by the government was the unique identification project else called UIP. Unique identification process came into being to provide identification to the people who are residing in every part of the country. The main reason for the project is to provide a vast number of welfare services for the people with more efficiency. With the help of the unique identification project the government will be able to include more people for their schemes and services.

Aadhaar - breaking boundaries

Aadhaar is baby of Planning Commission who designated a seperarte authority to carry out the process of enrolling willing citizens of India under unique identity program. The program is designed such that there is no scope of quoting an excuse for not enrolling for it.

Till this time, we all have struggled hard to ascertain our identity due to restrictions of ward, difference in birth place etc. Lack of documents and shifting to places due to various reasons left people baffled up about how to apply for any ID card.

Omar Abdullah Gets First UID in J&K

Jammu & Kashmir UID Aadhaar : Omar Abdullah J&K CM Enrolled First

The UID Aadhaar Project namely the Unique Identification Project inaugurated today in Indian State the Jammu & Kashmir by Chief Minister of J&K Omar Abdullah.

The first person is Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Omar Abdullah who complete the enrollment process for UID Aadhaar Card with one non-technical and three technical process.

Chief Minister of J&K announced that Aadhaar is the one step towards Global E-Governance in Jammu & Kashmir.

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