The Monkey God Lord Hanuman aadhaar is big chaotic news all over India

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Even BBC has covered it. Why such a thing occurred? Why I am talking on Lord Hanuman getting Aadhaar card duly delivered to its postal address by India Post? All Hindi, English, TV, Electronic and Internet web media is just making big chaotic news over the issue tracked just by chance.

Simply look over the security claims of the database and visit any aadhaar enrollment center temporarily installed to perform registration, enrollment and biometrics capture. You will sense the root cause of problem just like me.

Here I have already written the aadhaar making is community process, people must come forward to volunteer the ground zero processes which can not, at all be perfect in routine way. Any way later I would extend the discussion. Well in the mean time just Google for hanumanji aadhaar card news.



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