What Determines People's Identities & Happiness? I am talking new age / current era / online world

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The white paper reveals the fact based on real study around Identity and Happiness in masses. Aadhaar uid is playing crucial lifestyle changes which also need study and white paper in line with MGM Resorts International findings. Let me start with how used Hollywood movies to raise my sons. No one would believe it but I designed them illiterate in traditional terms some 20 years back. Internet and my TV came as most part of life to act as teaching aid and Hollywood movies became the study material. So entertainment played unique role doubling as educational medium providing the stuff which no other edu method imparts. Entertainment is already an identity and means of happiness both in our lives. Now let's move further to the whitepaper summary depicted in infographic visuals.

Truth About Entertainment Infographic now presented by MGM Resorts International is really a fact long awaited in my family. Now you read with the figure:

MGM Resorts International has philosophical survey findings saying" Entertainment is Fundamental to Human Identity". We all know that various forms of pleasing activity shapes our values. From ancient times stores were used to drive society even unknowingly when it was not know as STORY telling.

Entertainment Supports Overall Human Wellness

There is a Clear Deficiency of Live Entertainment

Humans Crave More Entertainment

What is Live Entertainment Trends?

So the pictorial story on "Truth About Entertainment White Paper" for you to think and share about your own findings.


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I want to do UIDAI Identity JOB

Sir how can make my identity career in aadhaar? Happiness and entertainment point is good but right now i need livelihood...so please assign me the right path

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