Portrait projects personal identity but Aadhaar card photo is complicated business, Just read in UID Photo perspective

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Photo is the part of Aadhaar UID project for which special face camera is used to capture persons face. But traditionally there is portrait photography. Here the philosophy of portrait photo is discussed to compare with the identification photography of Aadhaar Image Capturing.

Lets start thinking Aadhaar Photography - When you start working at a project that includes personal portraits of people, you are looking to find something new and innovative with every shot you take. But in case of UID Photo, It’s a very risky business, because you don’t always find the right people or the nicest people that could help you. Aadhar pitures are just taken as it is, no special consideration. In traditional way, So, you need to think outside the box and ask yourself how can you capture the real soul and story of every man, woman or child that works, fights, plays or dies? In case of UID aadhar the need is to capture straight front headshot for officially required identification purpose but The Aadhaar photography may also achieve the same standard with little effort, but what photo people think?

Portrait Photography Basic might hint on Aadhar Photography - First of all you need to relate to your target. You need to find a balance between friendship and trust, so that the person you want to take a picture with feels at ease in his or her spot in this world. Here it can be thought that the UID aadhaar photo is most unique point of presence for the subject. If you want to take a picture of a child playing you need to focus on your inner child, and find out how to interact with him, because every shot you take must be meaningful and full of life. Your photography tells a story, and that story in order to be true, needs to capture the real essence of your model. Now shift back to Aadhar Id Card photo, it is taken as your own officially identification face print and no one thinks about the outcome, it just come out. Can you manage your aadhar face camera capturing professionals grade portrait?

In portrait photography, Second of all when you chose a model, a target, you need to be aware that that person counts on you to tell the whole world his or her story, but in the way they meant to. When you make a portrait project personal identity you must relate to your model and you must be an observant of their habits, their rules and their life. Every culture has traditions, ways of life and demands of their next generations, but every soul is unique and beautiful so that’s why you have to capture the real deal, the real soul and the real story. There are many complaints about Aadhar card photo. What if you think the Aaadhar UID photography in same spirit but in field, at actual UID camp what is possibility and scenario? Literary nothing but people have started complaining of bad aadhar card picture and how to update good Id-photo?

As a photographer your job is never over until you succeed to get the best in the people you choose. So, you have to make one last decision in your area of expertise: color or black and white? In case of Aadhaar Photo you have only one option the color offered by face camera. What do you think will make a difference between your portrait project and others? Offering your portrait for uid biometric capture has distinct possible option clean and clear face with normal emotions.
Can any one have Aadhaar Photo Card with picture like this->
ashok sharma internet wants aadhaar card photo like this one
Ashok Sharma Internet is deliberately living without an Aadhaar Card Number so wish such photo of me as shown above be captured in biometric database.

What is your voice telling you to do? Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if you make a bad decision? What if you’re choice is to make all portraits in color, even if they look better in black and white? Anyways Aadhaar Photo only depends on the available lights and officially offered camera directed on you, whose UID Aadhaar is targetted and intended on your initiation.

Again shift to Photo Portrait with Picture Tools. A piece of advice: never shot pictures directly in black and white. You and your model deserve to see the real colors of the story. The same thing every person expect when receive the Aadhaar photo card. If it is nice one gets elated but feels a great pain with erroneous personal photo. In such case another story starts for photo correction in uid number card.

A picture can be modified, but you can never put colors back on black and white. If you are making portraits of old people or of dying people, then you can make the pictures in black and white, because it will increase the pain and the suffering of their souls. But if you shot children playing or a wedding or even a birth, then you need to make it in colors. Many people associate colors with life and meaning, and black and white with death, sadness and lost of all hope, so you need to decide very carefully what your portrait will tell the entire world.

In conclusion, when you work at a portrait projects personal identity, you need to remember to stay focused on your mission to reveal the real personality of your model and to become one of the best story tellers in the world. UID card printing is the most crucial part after lots of steps spanned over several months and require careful photo capturing to Aadhar card printing with the zeal mentioned above in portrait making essentials.

The portrait shown here is perfect professional studio picture which some how became the only available identity photo in online world too, question is how can the same quality aadhar card photo can be made?



How to get excellent class Aadhar Card photos?

Everyone wants good looking photograph of his own in the most precious identity card of India that is the Aadhar Card.
Aadhar photos are always subject of complaint in respect of its quality,
how can one get Studio portrait light like photo in aadhar card?

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