What is a digital business transformation?

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The online technology is backbone of aadhaar, recently Market research company Forrester is launching a paid seminar on the same subject.

First of all digital business identification is prime agenda, people must know you in proper format to do business with you for longevity. Aadhaar also has future potential for business transformations quite untapped at the moment.

Government is trying new ways to tap aadhaar business potential from their view point but private entrepreneurs still need to come up in larger numbers.

Digital business transformation is completely dependent on online identity in many aspects from branding to authentication level.

Let us think of the infomedia revolution, now clouds are covering the whole horizon changing the business skyline. Naturally clouds are most recent example of online business transformation in digital world.

A very detailed discussion video is shown here to enhance the view points, don't hesitate to talk your digital stories from even imaginary business ideas, may be aadhaar based too.

After all imagination converts to reality.




Web media is making waves to write new theories

Internet is filled with news today about an island newly born,
Earth's newest island evolved due to special phenomena, same way Internet gives rise to new island for business transformation to run on.
Tonga's capital, Nuku'alofa is very near to the new born island giving limelight to be a fortune maker for many.

Today's evolution in nature is sufficient to explain how web media gives you chance to ride on business transformation waves and new islands of opportunities to sit on.

Internet web media is new future

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