Let's know the Aadhar in Action e-Pramaan is also India gov project

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In spite of all odds Aadhar is shining rocking the scene, various sectors are adopting aadhar authentication and other Identity related services. Have heard of e-Pramaan? It is an online authentication service adopted by government of India using Aadhaar based credential verification as the major component.

e-Services in India are in-thing seems grabbing all walk of life very rapidly s every one want electronic factor convenient over the conventional paper based system. That's technology at the work in Indian lives. The "e" life requires a key called verification or authentication for committing the user into the system. Here comes the role of e-Pramaan which is basically an online authentication service.

Here only one factor Transparency is discussed, The e-service claiims "E-authentication decisions will be made in an open and transparent manner". I just read here the supreme court case in advance stage challenging the privacy issue. In such case the openness of decision making makes me fearful, may be I don't understand the technology but frontal view of both statements are just nightmarish. Any way there must be Aadhar use deploying the authentication in authentic manner and the government itself is most reliable Identification authority that makes e-Pranaam quite worthy candidate for acceptance.

Almost all government projects are going e-way and e-Pranaam is going to get clear lead at least in Bharat Sarkar very well.



The utility of id of india is example of groeth of technology

India is a high tech country, e-pramaan is very good example of robust utilisation of aadhar in real life, just making the card and generation number is not sufficient, let us wait what young India derives from Aadhar in identification market.

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