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Internship in Aadhaar: a lifetime opportunity!!!

This article is for all college students to whom I would like to inform that UID Aadhar is not only one of the biggest national level project of Indian Government,It also has a lot in store for them.Students from different streams can do internships/training in UID program and this will be of great value to them,

There had been some officially declared internship for law students,

However, I haven't yet been able to figure out that if there are any internships for Engineering students or other streams.If anyone has any clue,Kindly Post.


Tarun Gangwar

College Board in India

I live in U.S.A. American Students have to go through college board for getting admission in any of colleges.

What is equivalent to college board in India. I don't have invitee.

To get admission in India College is UID necessary.

What time does it take, to get an UID number.

I would like to have UID number as soon as possible.

Regardless of College Board Admission.

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