Can this face be model? I posted a fundraiser in crowd funding site

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I want to become a model #57, Like to help me... (You can look the model @57 fundraising campaign here for more details and your participation)

Amazing, Rather insane, how can one think so? But Internet gives you chance globally and in truly democratic way.
I applied for stock image selling with Getty submitting similar image captured with common device, just as a chance. The return message said "... revert in 30 days".
Surprisingly enough, reply came almost immediately with "contributor approval". Now I am moving ahead,,, and will be really more productive with your collaboration.

Why I opted for help in generosity category? People like me live in work-less condition and Internet is the only place, at least for me, to find new meaning of life.

I wish global collaboration for the sake of hmmm say pilot, my progress from scratch to unimaginable kind of career certainly would be path breaker for people who are even quite senior than me.

If even a very small fraction of contribution I get, it would be path to next bigger shaped project.

You may think of it as making of an NGO in personal capacity and the most beautiful part is the global response is expected.
Thanks for reading my idea n best regards
Ashok Sharma Internet

Now what I want -
$1 Will be Happy with 5000 People Backing
I think it is the lowest denomination possible, More is welcome but more people are even more welcome....
If you want to back me with more amount then you can spread the idea with people around you also....

How this Identity forum can help me? If you fellows like the idea I will put some pictures with every article here.
Please must comment positive or negative, all is OK.


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