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College Board in India

I live in U.S.A. American Students have to go through college board for getting admission in any of colleges.

What is equivalent to college board in India. I don't have invitee.

To get admission in India College is UID necessary.

What time does it take, to get an UID number.

I would like to have UID number as soon as possible.

Regardless of College Board Admission. West Bengal School Service Commission WBSSC 2011 cause crash

West Bengal Aadhaar is on way and today a big database driven website is under actual fire as westbengalssc result just announced as per news but the exam result website down, not opening "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" is the only message to poor students dying for wbssc exam rsult 2011.

There are instances govt data base sites normally goes down at peak hours, no one know what is the matter. West Bengal School Service Commission Website announcing WB Assistant Teachers posts result is a matter of study.

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