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Aadhaar Number need Authentication – Basic Understanding in Aadhar Card Usage

The Unique Identification (Aadhaar) Number, give authorized tool ar document to carry his identity as resident of India and at times may produce its legal identity to public and private agencies across the country.

Population have seen so many numbers in various cards meant for different purpose, but The Unique Identification (Aadhaar) Number shall remain one point solution to usage at various point. Population should know the three very common but very important attributes as Primary, Unique and Global.

Aadhaar Card authentication in Banking and Financial Services-UIDAI undertake 50 Districts for pilot test

12-digit identification numbers Aadhaar cards are under application tests when Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has decided to introduce the compulsory uses in Banking and financial services, in a pilot trial it shall be introduced in 50 districts in India.

Senior citizen issues in biometric authentication

Actually, biometrics is very useful in authenticating users and identification of individuals. However, the system is not with its setbacks especially among senior citizens. Due to the unique characteristics that exist in various individuals, biometric authentication is in itself very effective as you can’t compare it with passwords that you can easily forget or be shared among individuals. However, the story is a little different among senior citizens and other vulnerable groups such as children.

How to authenticate Adhaar IDs?

My family has received the Adhaar cards. But it mentions that it needs to be authenticated online. Where should I go and what is the process?

Admin Remark -

There are many ways to authenticate the Adhaar ID but the solid and official way to authenticate online in UIDAI Official Website from which you can check the current status of you Adhaar Card.

You have to only enter your 14 Digit Adhaar ID Enrollment No. and it's date with time to see the current enrollment status of your UID Adhaar Card.

An Overview of Biometric Devices - Very simple words about the most complicated id capture technology

Biometrics is the core in UID Process - biometric devices allow the identification of individuals based on their unique characteristics. The devices include iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, voice and face recognition devices. These devices are mainly found in high risk security areas like defence departments, banking institutions, the aviation industry, law enforcement departments, health institutions, government buildings and other big corporations.

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