What will identity be like in the future?

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We’ve come to a point in our reality where it doesn’t even take a forced thought to see the obvious. Technology is the end result of our reality. Not making sound rather bleak but the fact is that technology has been developing rather quickly in past 20 years, and with a constant development of mobile phone technology and social networking - that feature is in the realm of social networking.

Currently advertisers have also joined with social networking sites to collect information and be able to customize and sell products directly to people online. Advertising has always been at the forefront of culture and is constantly trying to maneuver and find new ways of being able to sell their products. Seeing the determination of these advertisers have there's no doubt that no matter what I'll technology changes or in what direction society will go advertises will always find some way of trying to sell to somebody even based off of a person's identity.

Writers, philosophers, activists, and even economists have talked a lot about the future of identity sometimes even expressing the possibility of a totalitarian even fascist system. Governments have been actively looking into programs are putting together projects that collect peoples identities to add to databases and be able to have online authentication access. Most of these goals are presented as solutions to be able to unify or collaborate or combine all information into one system. Projects like this out of India are much more of a reality that many Western governments setup attempted to create these types of projects have failed because of concerns from citizens. The factors that they've tried and they might even try again this time succeeding.

Social networking is not only limited to MySpace, Facebook, Google+ and other social networking sites like t profiles I trade it off of gaming networks for instance like Xbox Live are also part of the system. We see every day how actively search engines are collecting information and personalizing it for users, which is once again determined by advertising since it is advertised as you're able to pay the services for their use, making the social networking sites very wealthy. And looking five years down the line we can see that this is a direction that future of identity will take.

There's also the idea that these profiles would be built off on gaming networks and well somebody is playing a game, they will have a customized profiled where they will be able to order groceries weather playing online and have them deliver to their home. To save time the identity profile may keep track of more commonly purchased groceries for that person.

It is at this point in our technological development that many people are asking the question how can I combine all of my information under one profile and be able to control it all. This could mean taxes social security bank accounts and as mentioned grocery shopping. This is a reason for certain services like Open ID were you able to login to any profile for any service using one login. Under those specific circumstances if one profile is different from the other the fact that you are tying them in but smaller one identity. This is apparently the direction that we would actually go in simply because people want to make it easier.

We can look at a lot of this current technology and see well into the future a certain rate what direction everything is going to go into concerning identity. Our mobile usage has grown especially with a variety of different operating systems operating environment to be able to manage all of our accounts and all this is made by choice. But like any capitalistic market the reason these services succeed is because of the demand.

Concerns and questions about identity theft and vulnerability online will always be at the forefront of development. New development of technology is also somewhat of an open area and bills and laws are still being developed to adjust to it.


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