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Thanks for the appreciation from the Id board, here I am posting queries which can be seen as Id issues list. Hope to receive good response, even a line is precious to make the Aadhar theory easy to understand for common people.

- Who am I?
- What is it to be person?
- What does it take for a person to persist from one time to another?
- How do we find out who is who?
- How many persons exist at one time?
- How could I have been?
- What matters in identity?
- What is causal dependence?

There are simple facts every one face, know and work on. You can easily see locate and connect all these to the Aadhar / Aadhaar Number / Card.



Are fractions of Identity exists everywhere?

But in simple world for Id card seekers, there are many types of identity cards issued by several authorities. All need to be unified at one place.

“Identity”- Is it So Simple?

What is meant by “Identity”? Well, you can define it in various ways by yourself or by simply put the word “Identity” on the Google search bar and find so many results! But, I don’t mention on the definition, I want to mention on the meaning. The identity of a person a person varies in different situations. For example, a newly married lady can think her husband as her identity in the new family but in her job place her authorized position can be her Identity.
The person, having many identities can have so much diversity in life!

Are You Who You Say You Are?

The need to authenticate your own identity is on rise like never before. Is it the effect of online?

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