How Technology can contribute to an Identity Crisis

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Today’s fast moving technology, social media and globalization has opened up our world and given us more options than we could ever imagine. But is there a downside? In the not so distant past an identity crisis was something reserved for the young as they sometimes struggled to find their niche in life. In fact today’s technology can make it even more difficult for a young person to answer the age old question “who am I?” In the past, answering that question was much easier than it is today.

Older adults as well face these questions more and more. Yesterday’s rigid roles no longer apply as they did in generations past. Years ago the decisions around marriage, family, career and religion were much easier to answer. There simply weren’t as many options. Our world was much smaller. We didn’t have a fraction of the information that we do now.

Adults today, both young and old have an array of options, paths and choices that simply did not exist even fifty years ago. While these choices can give them a great deal of freedom, they can also cause much confusion, creating a crisis of identity.



Modern youth need proper online identity

And in guided and controlled environment, kids and youth are in online world on their own, need to develop identity in managed and guided way

Parichaya Nirmala
Online Manager, Specialist Introductory Promotions

The philosophy of identity need new avatar in online world

The problem is the highest ranking philosopher is not technosavvy to feel the core values and feeling which have surfaced specially in online world.

Authors are busy writing lingo and grammar of computer, Facebook and Internet, let's watch when the find and interest in philosophy line online Identity.

One thing I can surly claim, historical philosopher have already insight in future, keep reading the ancient philosophy and you will sure find the feel of technology and online world.

Identity crisis is not always a bad thing

Abundant choices surely cause bafflement, but they also build ground for self inquiry and self-realisation. Identity crisis is not always a bad thing, if handled correctly it helps one explore one's true potential. Looking back in history we would find that the likes of Buddha and Mahaveer were born in the ages of abundance. Baffled and confounded by the abundance they set out to find the real meaning and purpose of life. Awakening to the light doesn't happen without awakening to the darkness that precedes the light.

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