Don’t Panic, it’s just an Identity Crisis

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Are you feeling uneasy, unsatisfied and irritable? Do you find yourself questioning things that you always felt sure about in the past? Do you feel like you are searching for something and you are not sure what it is? Well, you could be having an identity crisis. Many people go through more than one identity crisis during their lifetime. These crisis periods can often be difficult to resolve and sometimes are never completely resolved and thus get revisited over and over again.

Depending on the severity and duration of the identity crisis, you may need to seek some help through counseling, but often an identity crisis is merely an opportunity to do some soul searching, try new things and explore your values, opinions and preferences.

Many people experience this first in adolescence as they struggle to find their identity and establish themselves as individuals separate from their parents. Sometimes this transition goes fairly smoothly and the person goes on to what is known as “identity achievement.” Sometimes the process gets interrupted and has to be revisited later in life.

Mid-life is often a time when people find themselves asking questions, facing uncertainty and suddenly feeling like a stranger in their own life. Many times people face this “mid-life crisis” and are able to completely reinvent themselves, or realize that they are truly happy with who they have been all along.


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