Defining Identity when objects in the real world are continually changing

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Most detailed unique identity project is working hard to identify the whole nation in new ways deploying the ultra modern methods. High end intellectual domain has Identity analysis from ancient times. In material world every thing is always changing, in such context the big question remains ringing "How can you assign Identity to something which is not fixed / constant / firm? "

The human identity making in Aadhar also comes under the same light. Human body / location and innumerous associated objects keep changing and identity making has been designed to work. Let's examine the top facts.

In short two identity issues are under scanner -
1) Change in Aadhaar Input Data - How to deal with the biometric and demographic elements changing with lapse of time? We are discussing both sides, from the person's perspective whose identity is made and the authority which is the identity maker.
2) Change in Person's Identity in The Existence Platform i.e. The World where we all live - We can broaden the spectrum to include imaginary characters, virtual images in public minds and objects too somewhat philosophical type talk.


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