Changes in the cultural approach to gender identity in modern times

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We like the bad news first before the good news. Just like in case of Aadhaar, have a look on media coverage, problems, errors and irregularity find more prominence than the positive aspects of world’s top identity project. Let us examine the gender identity with good and bad news,, views and aspects in short.

We see and many times experience the social problems with gender identity, in that it is not always accepted depending on the culture or society. We are still going through phases where we have problems accepting people identity of certain genders. What exactly is base of identifying gender?

The social problem is most likely because we have been ‘programmed’ a certain way and find it incredibly difficult to make the change in identifying process of sex of a person. This tends to be the case for older people than younger, who are much more accepting of gender roles. It is serious concern for the base (aadhaar) in sex determination to be dealt with care for the sake of fast changing future trends in societies all over world.
For many years laws have been made and enforced out of fear and embarrassment to criminalize gender roles. Throughout every culture in the world women are meant to do things that men are not. In certain cultures where they are dominated by a theocratic government, there are also restrictions that are placed on women as well as homosexuals, to the point where the punishment is death. Government and Law play big role in the gender identification. Even gender identification before birth is forcefully changing sex ratio in some part of world and the crisis on identity dominance is handled with appropriate laws and social drives.

It is the transgendered and homosexual role or identity that we will talk about here, because they are considered to be a product of a disorder as far as society is concerned. There are still problems in accepting these gender roles identity with same sex marriage. It is considered blasphemous in the eyes of religious dogma. Powers that is obviously significant to governments and large groups of people is writing history by making laws in some area about sexual identity and protective privilege to the other genders. Ruling type of influence can cause problems with gender identity no matter at what stage of life they might experience gender issues. These are problems because they cause the individual to become uncomfortable and feel threatened if they are not part of distinct identity group. Because of this, depending on how this is managed, the individual may experience levels of stress that could lead to other problems. This identity generated issues are something to pay attention to because of the extreme ways in which these restrictions are enforced in some area and not in other areas.

These people might be threatened by neighbors, co-workers, and strangers, etc. As history has shown, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned in Gender Identity subjects. Here what is provision in Aadhaar project can be viewed in light of above discussions. Unique Identity is big project and must cover all aspects of identification not only in Aadhaar number generation point of view but give way to deeper significance of Identity for all genders.


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The gender identity is taking new shape for some people

Every person must give proper thought and care to the new attitude to gender things.

Special femininity need to be redefined from aspect from humanity point of views, every where abuse to female is rising

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