Birth Certificate is first identity document

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Children’s are showered as gift from god .They have the right to enjoy each and every facilities like other human beings when they grow up. They are future of the nation who can possibly give new shape to nation. It’s the responsibility of both parents and the government to give them an identity so they don’t feel insecure when they grow up. As they are born parents should immediately enrol their name, sex, name of the parents and guardian to the municipal corporation office .Government should set up proper municipal office where care must be taken about this .It’s clearly mentioned in article 7 and 8 of UNCRC which stands for United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child that each and every child has the right to a name and nationality .So adhering to this they must be provided with a birth certificate.

There are various reasons for having a birth certificate Various government cards are required in the whole life.In birth certificate name of parents are clearly mentioned and apart from serving as a proof of identity for a citizen it also serves as a proof of relationship. Suppose a place is struck with some natural disaster and the parent and his sibling gets separated then with the help of birth certificate their relationship with parents can be easily found out .Enrolment of new born also help the government in demography .hey come to know about the youth force a country has .In fact the concept of having a birth certificate was made compulsory in England and wales with a view of checking that whether each and every one is paying taxes or not .Secondly they were able to get an estimate of their military strength as forces needs to have youth.

Government makes new schemes and plans for their citizen, with the help of birth certificate they are able to estimate the population of a particular place and accordingly release fund for a project. By not enrolling for birth and not owing a birth certificate makes a country strategy weak as they are not able to have a correct estimate of youth force .If we are having a birth certificate then only we can enjoy the benefits of government facilities .If we want to apply for visa or have a passport we need a birth certificate .It gives nationality to a particular citizen .At the time of admission in the schools the school administrative asks for birth certificate .Now most of the work needs a birth certificate when we apply for getting a driving licence ,a PAN card or any other proofs .If we want to stand for an elected post we must have a birth certificate .To prevent our self from under age military training where many youngsters are exploited.

Parents does not take interest in registering for a birth certificate because of their attitude and orthodox mentality .They just think it’s of no use ,because they are not made aware of its advantages. Many does not make a birth certificate because of fear of discrimination in the society or due to some social belief .Lack of municipal corporation office, poor infrastructure is also one of the major reason .Due to unavailability of birth certificate people are not able to make ration card and thus are prevented from enjoying the food grains, sugar kerosene at subsidised rate .Many children realise the importance of birth certificate as they grow up, but their nothing to worry much. You can still make your birth certificate but it will cost some time .Opportunity comes some time in life and in order to be successful you need to make the most of it, so having proper thing in proper time is very essential. Thus each one should have a birth certificate with them .It can be considered one of your fundamental documents and proof.


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