Aadhaar Boss Nandan Nilekani in Lok Sabha polls is Election 2014 Top News

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Now the Zee News has confirmed the Nandan Nilekani fighting election 2014 rumors cum speculations in Indian political and journalistic circle started few months back. As per Zee News report the Karnataka Congress chief has confirmed the news.

Aadhaar's Nandan Nilekani in election 2014 must be welcome from all circles if they care about techno-intellect is more efficient result giver in governance. If the contest news thing becomes reality then who would the next Aadhaar chief is buzzing question.

I personally appreciate Nandan Nilekani's decision to come into politics and invite you people to discuss the choice of congress party and why not others. May be he could have opted for new party like Arwind Kejriwal did. My stand is purely on the basis of techno-savvy India concept might get a boost.



Nandan Nilekani openly announced in Christ College, Bangalore

His words are - Politics is a good platform to serve people. I would like to contribute to it. At this moment I am not looking at any post but just entering the fray.

So top corporate governance is now coming to real governance, Happy election 2014 to NN!

Infosys+UIDAI = India-Inc@Nandan

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