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NSDL UID Form for Aadhaar Number and PAN Card at one place

How to get pan n aadhaar at one place is my query?

I want nsdl aadhaar card but at the same time i need pan card also

what is the procedure for nsdl channel to get both the cart simultaneously or it is different method, and i have to go to find it separately one by one?

Pan card and nsdl aadhaar card, which need to be taken first?

Is it nsdl the depository is supplying both at once.

Being one agency for pan and aadhaar, i would like t apply preferably at NSDL

Where to get NSDL UID Form for Aadhaar Number and PAN Card at one place?

What is the use of aadhaar number?

There is much hoopla around aadhaar number. Some states have made it so mandatory that even basic necessities are not available to them in the absence of aadhaar number. We all have been carrying a pocket full of identity cards already in the name of PAN Card, Voter ID card, Driving Licence and so on.

Now, the concept of Unique identity is introduced to ascertain the importance of fingerprints and iris scans. But how is it going to be used for development, for prosperity and for assurance of better life?

aadhaar card applying visiting post office says come next year

Make the process simple by introducing online application. One of my friend tried to submit the application today by visiting post office. He is given date of March 2012 to get the aadhar card. How can any body keep a track if this type of dates in next year is given.

The purpose of this card itself will be lost if the procedures are not smoothened. People will loose interest if same burcatic hardles hampers the getting UID cards.


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