Adwords Campaign Approved for Advertisement of Youtuber Unique Definition

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After good amount of wait today received the good news -

Congratulations--your video campaign is approved

Your video ad is now live.
Your new campaign is approved and being seen by potential customers on YouTube and around the web.

You’ve successfully launched your video campaign. It usually takes about two weeks to see how your ad is doing, so follow your views and CPV (cost-per-view) in AdWords.
In the meantime, we recommend:
Linking Linking your AdWords account with your YouTube channel to manage your campaign and access additional performance stats
Location Setting up location targeting so you reach the people most likely to buy from you—by country, city, or just a certain part of town
For help linking your accounts and getting the most out of your video ads, give our experts a call at 1800-258-2554.
In the next few days, be on the lookout for an update on your campaign’s performance.
See you online,
Google Marketing Solutions


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