"Aadhar" replacing "UID"

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"Aadhaar" becomes New Name of " UID" today on 27 April 2010 . If you are citizen of India then you need a unique Identification number " Aadhaar ".

"Aadhaar" came with morning news paper in my home. Everyone try to read news paper as and when opens eyes in dawn after a good night sleep. I also do so but today's Aadhar news reading became

"Aadhaar" is now identity of India. Government of India is keenly pushing the task of "Aadhaar" an Indian Identity. Identification of each citizen of India shall now be represented by unique identification number called "Aadhaar". The term "Aadhaar", according to Central Government official , is now adopted in place of "UID". Central Government considers this unique program as thier most prestigious one as Government is ready to launch a new logo for "Aadhaar".

Eminent personality in IT sector of India Mr. Nandan Nillekeni has become chairman of 'Special Indentification of Authority of India 'and he said that using the term "UID" has created confusion at many levels. People had started referring "UID" in difeerent arrangements like "IUD" or "DUI" etc. , so Government has taken decision to replace term "UID" with "Aadhaar" as it shall have no confusion as far as using the term for all practical purposes.

Justifying to the new change, he said that now the term "Aadhaar" is more convinient to use even by a common people and this term shall be more popular and it shall spread a clear message for what purpose the term "Aadhaar" has been created. Listening or referring to this word , people shall be in a position to understand the purpose of its creation.

He further added that Government wanted to convey a clear cut message to the people of India that the program underwhich "Aadhaar" term has been so created shall give an idea and motto behind its creation uniformaly within and a outside India. Now people of India should be ready to accept the new system of identification for residents of India.

Now " Aadhaar " shall be the Identity of Indian citizen .



An excellent article on rebranding of Aadhaar

It was systematic process and very well designed, transition from uid to aadhar the base is really some thing like cool Indianness.

You know the uid re-branding, a Nandan Nilekani mind product, has given way to many new traditions, just keep counting.

Good article on aadhaar branding

It was paradigm shift of identity for the project itself when uid become aadhaar in quite systematic and planned manner, I think they must have worked some perfect identity making strategy

New aadhar, New Identity

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