Aadhaar Card Mandatory for Property Sale and Purchase

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Are going to sell your old property? An un-used land is lying idle and you want to generate some money urgently needed. You have to go to sell the land some one needy but have you made your aadhar card? Now look to other side, does the purchaser own an aadhaar number? In some places in India you are required to in aadhar database i..e must have your own aadhaar card if you are in state of selling or buying your land, property in any form.

Which state has made compulsory or mandatory the aadhar card in property sale-purchase?

Andhra Pradesh has made aadhar card compulsory for property registration during sale or purchase. Have you heard about Mee Bhoomi? Actually the first step in property aadhar link started with land records digital repository made available online for land owners to view the full government records of their land or property ensuring their ownership combating illegal possession.

The the next step came in picture when fake land registry cases started haunting both public and authorities. Andhra Pradesh is the first state which is always smartly capturing the digital or online goodies and land registry offices were ordered to ask for aadhar card duly linked with land owner records.

Jharkhand state government oerdered Aadhar card mandatory land sale deed registry from January 1, 2014 by land reform and revenue ministry.



Take franchise aadhar card centre for land registry help n all

Land registry need aadhar card, how can i be able to aadhar franchisee? What is the eligibility, qualification for it guide me plz sir
How can i benefit with property / land / office registration in aadhar center franchisee?

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